Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The first meeting!

Last Thursday (28th March), we met at Ink Spot Press to launch the Sussex Book Art Collective....

Dorry Smallman presented some ideas for the possible shape of the group, and we all chipped in about what might happen and things we'd like to do in coming meetings.

We agree to share projects, knowledge and ideas - what we're up to, as well as work on commonly themed ones...
The first project is to create a piece of work or book around the idea of 'teaching someone to be us for the day'. It could be images, text, whatever you choose.

Then Sarah Bryant showed us her beautifully crafted books - a real treat, as they are not only precision made but also fascinating in content.
Detail of one of Sarah's books - all hand done on a letter press

Sarah's Letter Press
We followed a demo by Sarah and printed a small piece of text each
Thanks to Dorry for kicking off an exciting group, and to Sarah for sharing her work and skills...

Guest blogger first session: Kim L Pace
Books are part of my practice which also includes drawing, film and installation.

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