Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Meeting, April 2015 - JoWonder (images coming soon!)

On a bright, cold morning we gathered for the April Book Arts Collective meeting. Attendees include writers, artists and novices.  Today’s guest speaker is JoWonder, an animator, film maker and book artist.  

Jo Wonder (Jo Woodward)
Jo began by playing her award winning stop frame animation The Brooch Pin and the Sinful Clasp.

She then went on to discuss her triptychs; traditionally portable altarpiece depticting religious scences, Jo’s large canvas triptych resemble Mexican miracle paintings. Jo discussed the narrative content of her triptych – they are picture stories that are transformative and Jo has used feminist re- imaginings of fairy tales as the basis of her work.
Jo discussed a commission by the Wellcome collection to create pictures using bacteria. This microbial art included a pre-raphelite rendition of Ophelia that degraded over time, you can view further information on this on youtube, the project is entitled 6 days Goodbye poems of Ophelia.

Jo shared examples of her book art including work inspired by Bodhisattva and a new book Soup Bowl Stories.

Jo’s shared her advice/tips for completing Arts Council applications, including whether you may wish to employ an expert to help put the application together and examples from her own application.
British Women artists
This is a repository of women artists who are, comparatively, less represented in galleries and exhibitions. Artists submit their work and a few sentences about their work, there are astoundingly and wonderful array of fine art on the website, including short films. BWA welcomes book artists!

One of our members, Jaquinta,, also brought along a piece of work to show, which was housed in a small box and contained sea-side sayings on lollipop sticks!  Book Art, from an unusual angle, probably making it a book-art-object …...

The June meeting sees us very lucky indeed, when we welcome 2 talented guests, Ed Boxall, and Kim Pace.  This is the last meeting before our Summer Break, so make sure you book the  date and come along.  Watch for more detailed information to come.

Please let us know if you, or someone you know, or know of, can come and join us later in the year as a guest, as there are some spots available.  Suggestions please!  Either email Dorry, or if you belong through the Meetup Groups, send a message through there.

Would you like your work included on the Sussex book arts website?
If you would like your work uploaded then please contact Dorry direct.
Include the images and 1-2 sentences. 

Upcoming events
Takeover 2015, 9 May 2015, 47/49 Tanner Street, London

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