Tuesday, June 2, 2015


For our last session of the Book Arts Group before the Summer Break we have an EXTRA SPECIAL meeting, with two very talented people, Ed Boxall and Kim L Pace.  See details in the blog entry before this one for more details about them.

We will be meeting the usual place and usual time, Phoenix Gallery from 10.30 to 12.30, for what is sure to be a very splendid couple of hours.  We will meet in the Green Room to hear all about Ed, and then move into the Gallery exhibition space for the Illustrated Talk by Kim.  Both are experienced artists with a wealth of wonderful words to tell us all about their art practices.

Everyone is welcome and it will be a pleasure to see you all, whether you are experienced artists yourselves or are just curious and would like to know more.  Just come along at 10.30 am and say hello.

Ed Boxall: Summer Wind, Island's Edge

Kim L Pace: Strange Encounters (No.4)

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